Shimano Scorpion

Product Information

Scorpion XT 1000 has super-low sitting body, which is quite comfort for anglers with small palms. The small palming body helps accuracy in casting, as well for pitching and flipping. The light-weight, drilled spool accelerates fast and maximizes the casting distance. SVS 6 point brake system allow you to choose the best brake setting.

Scorpion XT 1500 is now back with new, low sitting body and super light weight. The super low palming body ensure the comfort fishing for pitching and flipping anglers. Sturdy aluminum alloy body, and over-sized master gear serve great for tough fishing.


Model Line Capacity Bearings Gear Ratio
SCORPION XT1500-7 30/174, 50/110, 80/73 6+1 7.0:1