Shimano TLD

Product Information

The Shimano TLD reels are light in hand, so easy to shift they’re almost mindless, and they’re adaptable to any number of bluewater species from tuna to striped marlin. And because they’re built by Shimano, durability is an inevitable part of the package. A large, private, ocean-going vessel may be neat, but it’s not necessary. Just match the tackle to the situation, and let the fish fall where they may.


Model Line Capacity Bearings Gear Ratio
TLD15 20/411, 25/320, 30/274 4 4.0:1
TLD20 20/640, 30/411, 40/302 4 3.6:1
TLD25 30/549, 40/411, 50/320 4 3.6:1